Congrats Preston Orr!

We have a new Dragon on the teamCongrats Preston Orr!

November 30 2021
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It’s official, our own Preston Orr has reached Dragon Status and is ready to fly high and breath fire for our clients!

Okay… all theatrics aside, we are super proud! Preston has completed a rigorous training program designed by the best in the business, that enables him to better serve the customers of Forsythe Law. In this article we celebrate his achievement, speak about our commitment to continual education, and discuss some key take-aways from Preston himself. But first, what exactly is a Dragon?

Training a Dragon

A crucial belief here at Forsythe Law is that you cannot grow a business without help. We also know that our staff is happier when we are investing in them individually. One of the ways we do both is through our membership with How To Manage A Small Law Firm, or HTM for short. HTM provides best-in-class services, processes, and training programs, to law firms determined to invest in their firm and the betterment of their clients. One of these training programs is Dragon Training. Dragon Training aims to… Train Dragons! But what is a Dragon?

Dragon is the title HTM often uses to describe the sales leaders in a law firm. While the imagery of a fire-breathing, heavily armored creature comes to mind, the sentiment behind Dragon Training is a bit different. Here, Dragons are equipped with crucial sales tools that make them powerful. Now, I know what you may be thinking…. “They train them to close more deals and make the firm more money, right?” Well, yes, but they do so through client-focused techniques without the gimmicks and cliché you may be accustomed to seeing with the lawyers of the cable-tv world. But you don’t take my word for it. I had the privilege of speaking with Preston about this program and he had some great things to say about his experience.

“I’m selling a BETTER FUTURE”

When I asked Preston about the biggest take-away from the Dragon Training experience, he had a hard time picking just one. “…this may be the biggest takeaway” Preston offered, “I’m selling a BETTER FUTURE.” Preston added that a client’s future with our team should create value in their life, it should strengthen them, and it should leave them better off than had they not worked with us. But how do you show someone such a future?

“Selling is something we do FOR a person, not TO a person”

As I spoke more with Preston about building a picture of a better future, he offered up that we can show our clients that we are doing work FOR them and not TO them. Now, without spilling the beans on the internals of HTM’s high-value programs, we can simply say that Preston is now equipped with a large box of tools to help him do just that. As you speak with him in the future you might notice how the conversations are uniquely about you, your needs, your future… not us. Afterall that is why we are all here.

Uniquely here for you

Since the beginning of Forsythe Law, we have prided ourselves in working differently. We have seen the anxiety and stress that lawyers can create in life and we are very aware that most people seek out an attorney only after something traumatic or wildly unexpected. We concretely believe that your lawyer should stand with you and your family. Not only advocating for your position in law, but continually offering our professional abilities to better your life.

Visit us today and come witness these beliefs first hand as you talk with Preston and our amazing Forsythe Law staff. We can’t wait to show you what an investment in people and customer-first services can do for your future.

Cory Forsythe

Dir. Sales & Technology

Cory helps out with our technology stack here at - You'll find him creeping around the corners our Common Desk Offices, frantickly typing away at code to improve our customer experiences